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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza

The excitement was overwhelming!
It was another dinner with family!

Everyone was so excited!

What is a family gathering without a bit of matching clothes?

We had Good Friday dinner at the Ridding house.
The family all together, yummy ham, a tea party and some egg painting.
(Notice Kyle is wearing purple too! We ALL matched - no pictures of the 4 of us though).

Sunday morning our Easter started with an Easter Egg hunt.

Katheryn was very interested in egg hunting this year.
She was the master egg hunter!
And then after she found alot of the 60 eggs I had hidden, she wanted to go again.

They settled for eating more chocolate instead.
Nick was very excited that this egg looked like Max!

Each kid had a basket full of eggs (or 'eggth' as per Nick).
Eggs are one of the Nickolas' favorite things in the morning, and to look for them and then find chocolate ("chockla") inside! Wow this holiday is great!

Katheryn thought that the chocolate was OK, but stickers were what she wanted!

The rest of the day we stayed home and enjoyed the chocolate high and the post chocolate low.
But with our super busy weekend, we took what we got and stayed home.

The kids actually got into alot of stuff.
Nickolas had the oppurtunity to get into more trouble than he usually can, but that will come with my next blog post!

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