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Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Step Back...

Nickolas has been doing so well with is walking. Looking at him walking with those canes still amazes me! I’ve been showing everyone the videos. And when we are at home we can’t keep him off his feet! He stands and climbs over everything!

We had some issues with his AFOs in January, one of his braces was slipping off and he had a dime sized red spot on his heel. We noticed it on a weeked, So we kept them off until we could see his orthodics guy during the week. Luckily we were able to get in and see him quickly.
I can't find my post - so I guess I didn't blog about it.

So Nickolas got a break (in January) from standing and walking until we could get it worked out.
It happened again. Saturday morning he has a nickel sized red spot on his heel – same place. Same issue. This week his AFO has been slipping off. We look at his feet every night while he’s on the potty, but it wasn’t unitl Saturday morning that we noticed it.

Luckily we are able to see orthodics Monday morning (love people who answer emails on Saturdays while they are off on vacation!) So no AFOs, no walking in the walker.
I do not say no standing – because Nickolas is taking that in his own hands – or feet.

He won’t stay off them!

Nickolas has been standing without his braces for a while – usually in the bathtub of all places. His ankles are obviously weak and it really makes me cringe, but he can get up there and wants to get up.
This was taken last fall right before a bath.

He still goes over on his ankles, and it still makes me cringe – but I can’t force him to stay on the floor.

It’s hard when Nickolas is asking for his shoes and I can’t put them on him!


  1. My Caitlin's feet are EXACTLY like that when she stands without her Afo's on! He's doing amazingly well :)

  2. LOOK AT HIM!!! I'm in awe of how well he's doing.