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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We have a spy!

I think that Nickolas comes down in the middle of the night and reads my blog posts and concerns.
And then saves it all up!

After the last post about my feelings having the wheelchair in the house (where I feel it is important to work on walking), and I also realized that it does have benefits in that it gives Nickolas an opportunity to 'play' with his new wheelchair.
But I still put that chair in the van yesterday morning.

Today we went out to Walmart - just the 2 of us, to take it for a test run.
Nick just blew me away with how competent he was to make his chair take him where he wanted to go!
I think that trial period in the house was just what he needed!

I love being proved wrong like this!

And he's talking up a storm as well!


  1. He's using that chair like he's been doing it for years! Well done Nick :) His talking is great too :) Typical kid, stalling at the ice cream section :P

  2. That is totally awesome!!! I have goosebumps and tears!!! I am so proud of him!!!