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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Walker Success - for real!

We have walker success!
I know I've said this before. And every walker we've had we have had some type of success with. But never like this.
Nick absolutely LOVES it!
Look at the joy on this face!

And he wants to be in it. He asks to walk in it.
And then he just goes!
He would be running down the hall if he could figure out how to get his feet and legs not to tangle themselves up.

He's been leaning to one side, I guess we will work on that. But for now I'm just so happy moving!

 Nickolas is doing well with walking in straight lines, and for small distances in the house.
I'm not sure how to get him to use it more, actually functionally, instead of just when we want to work on it. I'd hope that he could use it to move around the house, instead of crawling.

I'm not sure how to make that happen. Of course crawling is easier for him. And yes he can walk in the walker, but why would he when he can crawl?
I guess its the same as when he was army crawling and we knew he could 4-point crawl. But he didn't know/want to crawl like that, when army crawling was working just fine.
I guess it just takes time.

Nick doesn't have to concentrate when he's walking now. Which leaves him time to make funny faces when I'm taking pictures of him walking!


  1. Yay Nick! Kaitlyn was the same way when we first got her walker, she didn't really care to use it, but it was old and heavy (no swivel wheels) once we got the new one, she was off like never before. She still preferred crawling but she uses it more and more everyday and has started walking a little on her own too. Just give him some time, he'll find he can get around just as quick with the walker :)

  2. One day he'll just decide he wants to use the walker rather than crawl! I find it hard to believe now that Caitlin hated her walker at the beginning, now she walks everywhere with it, not very often does she crawl unless she's crawling to find her walker. Nick will do the same :) Glad to hear he found a walker that suits him :)