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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Teaparty to Remember

My baby girl turned 4!

I'm not quite sure how that happened, one  minute she was a baby and just learning how to do everything! And now she's 4! She's excited to start school!

She can write how name and knows her numbers, letters, colours, can sing all the words to her favorite songs and likes to learn how to do things with Special Agent Oso. Her new favorite channel is Disney Junior, no longer Treehouse and she has favorite princesses (Cinderella) and colours (rainbow) and she loves fish and mermaids.
Katheryn has been talking about her birthday cake for months! It was supposed to be white, with strawberries. And on her birthday we were supposed to all hide and jump out and sing "Happy Birthday!"

She opened presents, ate her favorite breakfast (pancakes) and lunch (pizza) and dinner (more pizza - but at a restaurant). She got to go to one of her favorite places - The Ronald McDonald room at Holland Bloorview, with her boy-teacher.
She had a shirt that has bubble guppies on it. It says

What time is it?
It's birthday time!

And she had a frilly skirt - no birthday tiara though (she hated it).
Katheryn had a great birthday. She told us that it was perfect!

She didn't want her birthday to end. Good thing - because her birthday party was on Saturday!
It was a Max and Ruby themed birthday tea party. And everyone had to dress up.
Tiara's and bow ties were encouraged!

It was a small party - just family, but everyone participated in my craziness!
And my sister in law made Nick his perfect bow tie!

Katheryn was too busy running around to stop and let me take many pictures (she spoiled me on her actual birthday).

So what do you need for a Max and Ruby Tea party?

First you need some crazy people to wear bunny ears!
OK maybe just one crazy person - but I wasn't the only one

You need tea cups.
I didn't think I had any, until I remember my grandmothers good dishes set - perfect tea party tea cups! (For the adults - the kids had plastic)


Appropriate snacks!
My sister in law made these! Tea cups and tea bags!

And Birthday cake of course!

The cake would have looked significantly better if I had properly read the instructions and not put the cake transfer on upside down!
But the kids didn't care!

Both of them thought it was so cool that Ruby and Max were on the birthday cake!
And each picked out the piece that they wanted.

To finish out the day I had a whole bag of crafts that were bunny/Easter themed.
We didn't get a chance to do many of the crafts - everyone had so much fun being together!

But I made sure we decorated some Easter cookies before everyone left!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
I hope that you had as much joy celebrating your birthday as we do celebrating you in our lives!
We have told Katheryn that now she is 4, it means she has to eat her vegetables. (It hasn't worked so far).
I think that 4 is going to be a great year!

Our weekend was so crazy busy, I'm dating this blog post as April 5 - Katheryn's birthday, even though the party was Sat April 7.

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