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Monday, May 28, 2012

Paying Forward!

This month has been a pay-it-forward month for me.

It started in the beginning of May when a friend of mine was looking for people to help her win a wedding. It was a pay it forward contest and she wanted to get 25 people to donate blood.
What a great idea! I jumped on that band wagon.
Only thing, (ok a couple of things) I hate needles, I have never donated blood before and I really wanted to do it. (Yes I know it is silly to be afraid of needles when I stick people with them every day)
I have thought about donating blood for a number of years, but couldn't actually get myself to make the appointment.
Well this contest got me off my butt and into a blood-donating chair!

I even got a cool sticker - and a donor card in the mail. And Canadian Blood Services personally called me to thank me for my donation! How cool is that?!
I haven't actually made my next appointment, but I'm going to - the end of June. I'm hoping I can get some friends and family to join me.

May is also Cystic Fibrosis month.
One of my best friends lost her cousin to CF last year and I have a co-worker who has a son with CF. My friend wanted to walk in this years Great Strides walk for cystic fibrosis, and so my sister Laura and I walked with her. We even fundraised a bit.

Here is Team Julia

It was a fun day


There was facepainting and crafts and a couple of extra events.

Katheryn LOVED the tall man with the sticks

This is the kids at the end of the day - walked out!
My feet ached all night!

Sometimes I feel that I want to donate to everything that I feel is important. Just to name a few:
Canadian Cancer Society - Relay for Life
World Vision - my little girl's name is Geeta, she is 10 and lives in Nepal
Shelter from the Storm - ending violence against women
Hope for Children - Adopt a Family (Children's Aid Society)
Rouge Valley Health System - Buy a Bed Campaign
Local food banks
Diabetes Association - Clothesline

These are some organizations/causes ect that have affected our lives or people that I love and so I want to try to make some kind of difference.
I wish I had enough money to donate to everything!
But maybe by reading this blog - some of my 'readers' will think of a foundation or society that could really use some pay-it-forward.

And of course June is Spina Bifida Awareness month as well as our annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run (June 16 - Oshawa Lakeview Park). Our team is Nick's Cheering Squad and online donations can be made through the CanadaHelps website (very safe).
Of course I'll post more about our walk in June.
For now, it is Pay it Forward month!

**Authors note** I wasn't sure how to end this post. I have actually thought alot since posting this a couple of days ago that I come off wrong with this post. I hope you don't take it that way. I try to donate something to a number of different causes that I feel are important (and it is not always a donation of money, sometimes time or clothes). Try to to get my point across that there are a lot of places that have touched our lives and make me want to pay it forward I wanted to list who I dontate to, with links of course.
I do not mean for it to come off as bragging or saying that I'm a better person because I donate to alot of things. I don't feel that way.
What I'm hoping is that someone who has thought about doing something like this but keep putting it off (like my donating blood) will use this as an excuse to sponsor something that is important to them.

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  1. Donating blood rocks! Good for you!! So many people are afraid of it, but it's really not that bad. My parents always went when I was growing up, so I thought it was normal to start when I was old enough and I finally got Jeff started when I had was pregnant with Rachel. I'm surprised that only 1% of eligible donors take the time to donate. Make sure you go back! :)