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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kneeding some protection

I have a whole collection of knee pads that I bought last year.
I had always planned to make a blog post about Knees and Toes but it never happened. So this is the first of that imagined blog - I'll write about my sock search, and glove search too!

Here are some of the knee pads I have found in my searches.
Generally I can't find anything in the store, so EBAY is my friend. You have all of these products at your fingertips, and shipping isn't outrageous!
Amazon.com is also helpful, if you live in the US. Not so helpful in Canada.

Here are some of the ones that I have tried.

Baby Kneez

These are made out of soft cotton, almost like a tube sock.
It comes in a bunch of different colours, and it holds well in the water - doesn't dry that fast.
But nice and thick and comfortable. It stays in place and protects well.
It will stretch to go up over AFO's with some wiggling.

Snazzy Baby
ebay link 
http://www.snazzybaby.com.au/kneepads - difficult to purchase from, but lists where you can buyy from

I didn't like these last year - I found that they left marks on the back on Nick's knees, I think because he was small and I had to tie them tighter? But they could be worn over pants.
This year they have been fitting perfectly. No marks and they have stayed in place and protects well.
Because they have straps they are easy to taken off and on over AFOs or when they aren't needed.

Baby Knees
ebay link 

These ship from China, they desigs are kinda babyish.
They work and have breathability.
I can't find an actual site for them.

Wee Tee Baby Knees
ebay link 
It's a Canadian product
http://wee-knees.com/ - does not sell from this site, but lists stores

These are spandex (a man-made product and so safe with latex allergies) with neoprene pads with little silicone dots for kids that could use some extra help. I really liked these last year because of the grip they helped with.
It was breathable. It comes in 2 sizes, we have been using the large - for kids over 20lbs. The site says it has different designs, but I haven't been able to find them.
These were my definate favorite last year.

Crawling Leg Warmer
ebay site

If you want inexpensive!
Like mini leg warms. Protects, nothing special about them but the price. Like mini leg warmers, good for elbows as well.
We have the elephants ones, not very boy-ee but it works.

ebay site

I can't find a non-ebay site.
The price is good - I just ordered them so I can't really review it yet.
Lightweight, bright colours. Would be hard to get over AFO's - really any of the tube ones would be. Has the silicone hears which would help with traction.

Here are some knee pads that I haven't tried, but are available.

Crawling Pads
ebay site

Pretty basic. Other products that are similar with no bells/whistles and less expensive.
It looks like there is padding, but I don't know if it is non-slip or just padding.

amazon site 
does not ship to Canada, minimal purchase $75

The legging parts seems to be long, compared to others. What is the point of this if it's summer and you wants the most leg exposed to be cool.

Lil' Melon baby knee pads
amazon site 
Does not ship to Canada

I'm not that impressed with any site that refuses to ship to Canada.
These seemed to be one of the original knee pads and I probably would have bought these if they were available, but for some reason they aren't in Canada. Cute, fun designs though.

Instead of looking at actual knee pads sites sometimes I have had luck with general baby, safety stores online i.e. www.onestepahead.com

I hope this post has helped anyone searching for some knee protection for their kids.
I figured since a did a whole bunch of research into this - I might as well share!


  1. Great resource post! I need to get Annabelle some new knee pads now that summer is here and shorts are becoming more necessary.

    So happy to see you guys are doing so well!


  2. Great post! We have a few different types, but the little melon (though adorable) don't stay in place when Madi drags her legs.

  3. Awesome! I need to look into getting something for Kingsley since my lazy butt hasn't actually done that yet. I think I have different function than you guys now that I think about it - we need less padding, more protection, so possibly the oodles of babylegs I have would work if I doubled them. He drags, not puts pressure on. I'm afraid padding would slow him down. Those are some awesome links though, and I totally was thinking the exact same thing about the places that don't ship to Canada!! ;)

  4. I just tried the baby knees and we love them!!!!!!

  5. what are on his feet in the last photo

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