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Monday, May 14, 2012

Park Place

We had a play date at the park recently. With cousins Madison and baby Austin.

Driving over - we have a great big one by the lake (incidentally where our SWWR walk is going to start from this year), I started wondering what exactly Nickolas will be able to play with and access.
And so I started to worry.
Should I bring his walker? What if other kids knock him down? What about the wheelchair? What if he just doesn't want to do anything?
Is this how it is always going to be at the park?

There is a big pirate ship with slides and everything. And it starts with a ramp.
The wheelchair wasn't really an option - I did bring it, but pretty much it just sat in the corner and got stuck when we tried to take it off road.
Nickolas did go up the ramp and down the slide a couple of times - walking, holding my hands (he is on a bit of a walker-strike).
And he loves going down the slide with me!

OK so maybe I shouldn't have worried so much.

Nickolas did have fun - mostly with the kiddie train - he could move around the area - he is the cruising master right now!
Nickolas even played a bit with his cousin Madison - there is only 7 months between them, but Madison and Katheryn are much closer.

We even got some picture time with baby Austin (we probably have to stop saying baby - he's 10 months old - and already walking!)

 After the park, Katheryn really wanted to go down by the beach.

So we played on the rocks for a bit

Took some pictures with grandma!

Tried to take a nice mommy and kids picture.
Well all 3 of us are in the picture!

And grandma showed them how to get their shoes wet!

And throw sand in the water!

It was a great spring day.
The kids had a great time, Nickolas definitely showed me that I was worried about nothing.

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