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Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting Ready for Nick's Cheering Squad

Tomorrow is our families 3rd annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run.
The month has been very busy and I haven't done nearly enough fundraising or organizing that I wanted to do. I'd be surprised if we've raise more than a couple of hundred dollars.
But tomorrow is the day!

The kids are excited, sandwiches are made, bags are (almost) packed and our meeting place is set.
Nick's Cheering Squad is ready to go.
We are ready to show people that spina bifida isn't scary, and that this is what spina bifida looks like!

Anyone in the Oshawa area is welcome to join us at Lakeview Park - at the beach. 11am.
Our plan - simple as always. Walk 90 minutes, then turn around and walk back.
Followed by a picnic at the park.

Pictures will of course be posted this week.

If there is anyone out there wanting to donate to Nick's Cheering Squad - just follow the link
and pick us from the pull down menu.
(Thanks in advance)

The weather is supposed to be beautiful!
So I'm off to pack the hats and sunscreen!

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