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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Year in the Clear

We had our annual neurosurgery appointment at Sick Kids yesterday.
Nothing like an early morning alarm clock, waking up a sleeping kid (who woke up great) and getting out of the house in the dark. I made the trek downtown by myself (I hate driving downtown and usually get someone to drive with me). I made a couple of detours by accident but eventually I made it with enough time to spare.
Nickolas had his choice, did he want to go in his chair? Or did he want to walk in his walker?
He was very adamant that he wanted to walk.

The benefit of a 8am appointment is that we were in a room right away.
Nick wanted to climb into the window and enjoy the view. He thought all the construction around the hospital was great!! But couldn't figure out where our car was parked.

Dr Rutka came in, talked to us. Checked his shunt on the outside. He said the MRI results were good. One ventricle was slightly bigger than the other ventricle, but that is not unexpected.
I asked about Nick's neck cracking all the time! I know it's pretty minor, he said sometimes it will happen but there isn't anything to do.
We are cleared for 1 more year! Unless of course something happens and we won't need to do another MRI then. Things are staying stable.
He told us that there are still things to watch out for (we are never really in the clear); shunt and tethered cord. Then we were out the door.

We didn't hurry anywhere, Nick wanted to take some time to enjoy the sights, Nothing like being 6 floors up!
The elevators were a bit of a challenge.

The doors don't stay open long enough for Nick to make it with his walker. But eventually one opened close enough for us to get there. On the way to the parking garage we missed 6 different elevators between people coming out, going in and trying to get in there to hold the door for Nick to come in.

Nickolas was very excited to be walking around with all the big people! He was really distracted by the feet, so much that he almost walked head-long into a computer! I stopped him just in time.

He thought it was a great adventure!
All before 9am

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