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Friday, September 14, 2012

Under pressure (sore)

Just before Labour day weekend Nickolas came home with 2 large blisters on the top of his left foot. This is the foot he has less feeling in, but he still has feeling on the top of his foot.
Within an hour of me seeing it, the blisters had both popped leaving a awful looking open sore behind. I immediately pulled out my box of bandage supplies

This picture was taken after about 1 week. The toe one is actually healed in this picture, it was smaller.

We've been pretty good with skin so far. So it was kinda a kick in the face to have to deal with this. It's amazing just how fast it happened. I had just assumed that because Nickolas could feel his feet that this wouldn't happen.
He can definitely feel his feet. Every time he is on the potty I'd take a look. So that Nickolas kept screaming at me "No mommy! Not my foot!"

I had cream on it, then a band aid, then so I could put his shoes and braces on (luckily the AFO's don't rub against this spot) I put some gauze on it for cushioning and taped it all up.
But it's on it's way to healing well.

Nick is a boy and boys get dirty. I taped a sock to his foot to keep the dirt off of it.

It hasn't impacted his walking at all. And we've put him in some crocs just in case things rub a bit.

I'm just amazed at how fast it all happened. And this is on area he can feel. Everything I have talks about skin breakdown and being vigilant (and I thought I was) but now I can really see how one little sore can get so big so fast.
I'll be so happy once it finally heals (we are heading into week 2)

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