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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School is cool!!

The day has come.
Katheryn's first day of school.
Junior Kindergarten.
She was so excited to start, then would get nervous, and get excited again.
Of course I got her first day outfit all ready (and took pictures in the rain), but her dress is super cute.
Once the time came, Katheryn was all attitude!

The first day of school is actually a meet and greet for us.
We met the teacher, went into the classroom and had a little scavenger hunt together.
We also did a couple of crafts and read a story.

Then it was time to go home until the morning.
Katheryn was so upset that we had to go! Always a good sign.

Except she was so excited to go to school in the morning she wouldn't go to sleep early.
The whole family dropped her off at the school this morning, for her FIRST real day of school.
Backpack full of a change of clothes, lunch bag full of food she will (hopefully) eat.

We walked her to the gate, she was met by her friend Carson. The teacher knew who she was. And she was gone!

Kyle and I kept looking to see if she was ok. And of course she was.
Nick was pretty good, no tears or anything. Asking about her a lot.

And then we all got ready to pick her up at the end of the day!

Finally the school bus pulled up.
Kyle and I had a couple of moments of worrying about the bus ride. What if she was on the wrong bus, or didn't get off. All the things that could be wrong.
No worries of course.
She got off, no problems. (Thanks Emma)

She was very excited to tell us how school was, how she didn't eat her strawberries at snack time, how she played, and how she had a lot of fun! And really wants to go back tomorrow!!!

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