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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ready for school

This is it.
The last week before life changes forever. Well, someone in our house's life changes forever.
The first day of school - next week.

We had a trial of school when Katheryn went away for zoo camp in the beginning of the month. School hours, away from parents, taking her own lunch, being independent and making friends.

She did so well.

I have discussed that in Ontario we are participating in their full-day kindergarten program. So once she enters that school on the first day, that is it. School for the next 14 years (at least - and if she is anything like her mom then just add another 10 years on top of that!)
No more pj days, sleeping in, playing all day, no more going out for lunch just because, scheduling things after school...
This is it.

I think I'm handling it pretty well.
Because Katheryn will have no problems adjusting. We already know she will know 2 other kids in her class. And the program is all about play-based learning. So I'm not worried about her.

Nick is going to be in for a shock. But we've talked about it. And that he will be going to school next year with her. So far Nickolas seems accepting about all of this. And he's excited we'll be walking to the bus stop every day.

I have absolutely no idea what Katheryn is going to need for school. What do you need for kindergarten? Backpack, lunch bag, shoes, labels. Shopping done.

T minus 7 days

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