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Friday, August 17, 2012

Water, water, everywhere!

Our vacation is almost done.

In total, between my camera (460pics), Kyle's phone (20 pics) and a waterproof camera (27 pics) I took over 500 pictures in these 4 days! Uploading the pictures onto my blog took time becuase first I had to edit out what wasn't good, or doubles, or blurry (got down to 320 pictures). I played around with most of the water camera pics becaue I realized half way through the film that it was 800-speed, so they are really dark. 
I went through all the pictures again to pick out of those what ones I wanted to share, to tell our story. I realized very quickly that there was no way to do one post for the whole trip, I couldn't even do 1 post per day!
Today we tried to take it easy. Check-out time was 11am.
There was some kid activities in the morning, but we couldn't even think about getting up and going. So next time we'll have to remember about them. We were out of the room at 1059, and ready for another full day at the waterpark. We were able to stay there until the park closed, but we also knew that we would be driving home sometime later too.

The kids said good-bye to the bunkbed.
I made sure that we had Nick's walker, because this is what I was waiting for. I don't want Nickolas to be dependant on me for moving around the waterpark. I wanted him to have the freedom to play! To splash! To be independent!

But Nickolas was tired and cranky and clingy and didn't want to be anywhere away from me. He wanted to be carried everywhere. Half the time he didn't even want in the water!

Until we got him in and then he had fun. He actually really liked just floating. He would almost fall asleep.

And once he started swimming and kick, kick, kick! He was having fun!

We were trying to get Katheryn to see that Nick is kicking and swimming (and she should try it too). But it didn't work. Katheryn liked playing in the water and splashing in the water.

We tried to get her to go down one of the kiddie water slides, but she absolutely refused. No Way!
Nickolas did go down yesterday. Once. That was enough for him, I was able to carry him up and put him on the slide, with a little push and then Kyle was on the bottom to pick him up. He said he didn't have fun - with a big smile on his face - but didn't want to go again.
This picture (with my water camera - no flash) was in front of the small water slides.

The kids didn't like water falling. In the waterpark there is a tree-fort kind of area with all kinds of water buckets and water guns and playing. Katheryn went up yesterday, but today when we tried to get her up and exploring she said that there were 'water booby-traps' and she didn't want to.
So we didn't try to make either kid do something they didn't want to do. We were tired too. But we also wanted them to get a whole day out of the park today before we left.

Kyle and I did have a little bit of relaxing time.

And Katheryn loved the basket balls! She made herself in charge of distrubuting all of the balls to kids who didn't have them.

But she took take for splashing!

Nick was fighting us some of the time, not wanting to do anything different. BUT I brought that walker all the way here, just for him to play in the water! SO he was going to playin the water!!

In my head I imagined him playing and walking around with his walker. Having Fun! I made sure to ask before going if it was safe for the walker to get wet. Really wet. I got the A-OK for our equipment guy.

And Nick eventually agreed wit him.

Evenually Nickolas let go of our hands and wanted to try to move around himself.

It was actually pretty good physio for him to navigate and move where he wanted to. There was a slope into the pool, and so he had to go down the slop a bit, but also learn how to stop himself from going too fast (but leaning backwards). He mastered it in no time.

We stayed in the park until about 2pm, then ate lunch and were on our way!

 We had a 2 hour drive ahead of us (at least with rush hour on a Friday afternoon). We knew it was time when the kids started getting really grumpy!

The kids slept all the way home.


Always a sign of a good vacation!

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