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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Vacation - with butterfly wings

Kyle and I took the kids on their first real family vacation. 4 days, 3 nights in Niagara Falls (Ontario). We - OK, I - had it all planned for some full (and fun) days.
The kids were very excited, we even had a count down on the wall in the kitchen.

Finally the day came, the car was packed. And we were off!

We are half way to Niagara, and Kyle turns to me "you packed his catheters and stuff right?" I said "Yes, you put the Halloween bag in the car, right?" "Umm, no."
Not again! But I learned something after forgetting all of Nick's catheters when we went to Ottawa in December. I have a backup pack in the car. 4 days worth, exactly. The ditropan was a bit of an issue. That was in the catheter bag (all neat and put together). I only had 3 doses with me. I collected my own information, contacted our nurse, got her advice (to go to a walk-in clinic, get a prescription, then to the pharmacy to fill it). But made my own choice to just go with what we had.

But after that little stress-bump, we arrived!
Our hotel wasn't going to be ready for a couple of hours so we went to the Butterfly Conservatory as our first outing.


The kids thoughts it was so neat! With all the butterfly's!
They didn't stay still enough for any to land close to them


But there was groupings of butterflies that the kids could really get up close and see them. They were so colourful! (Even though in the picture it looks like most of them were brown, the inside of the brown ones were bright blue.

We were able to get some pictures, with all the lush scenery.
This is Katheryn's newest pose-face. That tongues doesn't stay in!

And they were not that impressed when I wanted a picture with the kids. I didn't push it (thinking we'll have lots of opportunity in the next couple of days for a family photo).

Nickolas loved exploring, he liked the butterflies, but what really interested him was the turtle, and the waterfall! (Perfect for Niagara Falls)

They had a path, but also alot of places that connected the path by stairs. Katheryn of course always wanted to go up and down the stairs, and Kyle and Nick would just catch up.
But Katheryn really didn't want to be that far away from her brother!

When we finished in the conservatory, and the gift shop Katheryn really wanted to do some puddle jumping!

She soaked everything! But had so much fun doing it.
Her shoes were soaked for days. Luckily we brought an extra pair, because we were planning on alot of walking

Before heading to our hotel we stopped for some water-watching.
This is the whirlpool, and we watched a couple of boats full of people going through the rapids. Looked like alot of fun

Nick likes having his chair, but also loves when he just stand and move when he wants.

Katheryn LOVES her wings from the gift shop!

Except of course when she tried to fly between beds in the hotel room.
But in hotel rooms you are almost required to jump on the beds!

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