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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vacation Fun

When you think vacation,  what do you think of?
I always think of those hotel rooms, and how you can do all the things we say not to do at home.
Like jumping on the bed and pillow sights.
Kyle and I agree with this mentality.

When I was planning this trip, I wanted to leave alot of time open to just walk around. And when we walked around, I didn't want to have to drive anywhere.
So I found a hotel that had everything I wanted (free breakfast and free parking) and was right in the middle of the action!
Which is Clifton Hill.
This is the view from our balcony.

And we even had a little glimpse of the falls!

The first thing we did was load everyone up and get ready to show the kids a really big waterfall!

They were impressed for about 60 seconds!


Not enough to get a family picture

So we paired off
(ha ha, never even noticed that we are wearing matching orange/blue colours)

While Kyle and I are looking at Niagara Falls, the kids were most interested in the little water fountain.
THAT is all they wanted to look at!

I'm sure they were thinking why on earth are mommy and daddy so obsessed about all that water over the fence when there is cool stuff right here!

We went out for dinner. Nick picked what he wanted, and he want spaghetti. Something he hasn't wanted for a while. But he was adamant. Spaghetti, sauce on the side.
And he dipped every single noodle into the sauce or his ketchup, and sucked it back!
It was so funny to watch!

We did more of a walk-about after dinner and found this! It's a miniature golf course (which we aren't ready to play yet - maybe next year). If the kids aren't traumatized from the scary dinosaurs.

Nickolas started crying and saying "Mommy, mommy! Behind you!"

There was lots to see.

We also went to the midway. Katheryn loved it, but Nickolas found it really loud (I've noticed that he is very sensitive to loud noises - something that is common I think with hydrocephalus)

Katheryn found her favorite ride!

And Nick tried out some skeet ball.

Katheryn found a rock-band game and grabbed the guitar and started rocking out!

She really, really wanted to play a car racing game. We told her she couldn't play if she can't reach the pedals.

After all of this adventure (on only our first day) we needed to get lots of sleep to get up and ready early in the morning for our adventure tomorrow!

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