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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hoooowling good time!

To end off our vacation we decided to do something really special for the kids!
We booked a 1 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge.

It was very expensive (it took up half of our budget), and we didn't get anything close to a deal (in fact the price went up by $60 in the time I was looking to when I actually booked.) I hate not getting a good deal, but I have heard great things about the resort, so we booked it to finish off our vacation.

What we went for mainly, was the waterpark. The waterpark is only for hotel guests, and for one night of stay you get access to 2 days of waterpark. The kids were ecstatic! They love playing in the water.

I packed a whole bag of waterpark stuff separately so we had everything grab-able until check-in time. We had access to the waterpark from 1pm, even though check-in was 4pm.
So out came the life jackets and bathing suits!!!

The place is big and we didn't get a chance to see alot of it. The kids found what they liked. A shallow pool with basketball net, as well as the wave pool. We dragged the kids to explore the rest of what they had, but they knew what they wanted.
We didn't bring Nick's walker in (trying to keep the bulk down) but I brought it just for the water park (more about it in tomorrow's post).
For now Nick was good in his 'water AFOs' and his crocs.

We dried off in time for dinner and to check out our suite!
We have been talking about this suite and upgraded so that Katheryn could have her BUNK BED!! But a bunk bed in a seperate area with its own tv.

Katheryn 'called' the top bunk, but that's where both of them played from the time we came into the suite. We stayed in the KidKamp suite.

The kids loved the suite! It was definitely worth the upgrade.

They played reasonably well together. They both said that they wanted to sleep on the top bunk, but Nick slept on the bottom bunk for only the time he was asleep and then it was back up top!

Great Wolf Lodge has a number of things beyond the waterpark and the bunk beds.
We weren`t there long enough to check out everything. Next time we go i want to definitely stay for 2 nights. They had a midway, spa, exercise room, mini golf and a interactive magic game for older kids. They also have characters that walk around, but with Nick`s experience with mascots, we stayed clear. There was also a choice of places to eat, and it`s own cafe. There were also 2 gift shops, including 1 in the waterpark for water needs.

Everywhere you go in the hotel there is something to do. The lobby has a number of interactive displays with some animals and a big tree, all of which talk.

There are hand prints everywhere to touch and make the characters talk. Katheryn thought it was great! (Nick got scared by them).

Each of us have wrist bands that show we are guests, get us into our room and let us charge things to the room. (Kyle and I only activated that on our bands). The kids also got a second wrist band that says what slides they are allowed to go on.

For dinner we sat so we could see the waterpark. They had a great buffet that had something for everyone.

After dinner they have story time for the kids in the main lobby. Nickolas was so exhausted, he was in going out. So he stayed in the suite with Kyle while Katheryn and I went for the show and story.

Katheryn had her pj's, Tinkerbell (her doll) and her new wolf slippers.
We picked them up because Katheryn had originally gone for story time in bare feet, but part of it was outside. Before we even got to the cash register we had people asking about those slippers (we got the last pair). She loves them - and they even howl.

This is part of the show. All of the characters have parts, tell jokes and move.
Katheryn couldn't take her eyes off the show.

The last part of the show was outside under the stars.
They read Mortimer by one of our favorite Canadian authors; Robert Munsch.

Clang, clang, rattle-bing-bang 
Gonna make my noise all day!
Both kids slept well their last night, exhaustion from too much fun!
One day left to go, we head home tomorrow after a whole day in the water!

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