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Friday, September 28, 2012

Dancing through Life

Nick LOVES dancing!
If there is any music playing (or being made) he is there wiggling that bum and moving those feet!
Half the time he just starts singing so he can dance!


Sometimes he channels his inner John Travolta!

Katheryn loves dancing, and I enjoy dancing (but only since I stopped caring if I looked silly or not). I am ecstatic that Nickolas is loving to dance as well.
When Nick was a baby and I worried about everything, I (of course) worried about dancing. I  bought a book (I can't remember if it was suggested or if I found it myself) called Giraffe's Can't Dance. It's a little story about a giraffe who really wants to dance, but isn't very good because of his giraffe body.

Of course I won't ruin the end for you, but the cover might clue you in!
I eventually stopped worrying if Nick would be able to dance, but started showing him he could dance if he wanted to. And Nick already has better foot-work than I do!
I wish I had more video, I guess we'll just have to keep dancing!

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