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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 years!

How did my little boy become 3 years old?
I'm not quite sure, but there he is.

A little boy who shakes that bum to the Handy Manny song

Who loves it loud!
And loves to drum and sing at the same time (at the top of his lungs of course)
His favorite song right now - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 
or if he is in a pirate mood - Row, Row, Row your Boat

He is a big boy who will still share his brand new toys with his sister
Or will very sternly tell her no (until he's ready)

Is excited to ride his own school bus next year
Even if mommy is a little unsure.

He is a little boy who can watch his favorite shows over and over and over and over again
And was super excited to have a personalized message from Jake and his crew!

Who can't say the word 'bath' without needing to go upstairs immediately

Pretty much ditto for 'Hot dogs'

A little boy who didn't say very much a year ago, but now talks in 10 word sentences!
And he has such a little attitude!
"Don't want mommy say NO to me!"

Who wants to give the penguins at the zoo a time out ( to come and swim near his window of course)

3 years has brought me a boy who can have wicked temper tantrums
And he does not like time outs (luckily  he doesn't need them that often)

But he is still a little boy that loves to hug ... really tight

Who crawls and talks in his sleep - but looks so innocent when he's sleeping

Who drinks A LOT of chocolate milk

I have a little boy that loves to explore and investigate before playing
He was excited that this figure has a wheelchair - "just like me!"

Somehow I have a boy with big boy feet
Just look how big they are!
(They always just seemed so tiny!)

Somehow my little boy has turned into a 3 year old that has attutude, strength, personality all with a spark of silliness and the desire to see people laugh.

If this is what 3 years brings me - Bring it on!

Happy Birthday Nickolas!
You have brought such wonderment, amazement, joy into my life.

In 3 years you have changed our lives forever. And I wouldn't change a moment of it!

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