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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Around

We have a number of options for getting around

I just feel like we are in a getting around slump.

We have the wheelchair - we use this every morning to go to the bus and back, for long distances or trips, the zoo, the grocery store (if for some reason we don't use the cart). We use it for distances and times, so we usually just push it ourselves instead of getting Nickolas the opportunity to push himself.

And as I'm writing this, I know that this is the exact opposite of why we wanted to get Nickolas the wheelchair to begin with - Independence!

The walker - Nickolas is doing great with it.

We still don't have the distance I had been hoping for.
But we use the walker primarily outside of the house for appointments. And Nickolas wants to use the walker outside of the house. We walk to the doctors office, to therapy, to splash in puddles

But around the house, not so much. When Nickolas is in his walker in the house he can do a circle. Around the kitchen, around the dining room. Our family room is down a step. So far Nick prefers to crawl, cruise or convince (someone else to carry him). Or we'll walk together, with one of us holding his hands.
I hate being in a place - like upstairs where we don't have a walker, and Nick saying "I want to walk" and he has to wait for us to help him.

I'm frustrated that I can't help Nick more. Or that at times I'm helping him too much.
I don't know.

If I want to be truly honest, I feel like I'm failing in this part.

I have some vague plans to put some kind of ramp into the family room - but space is an issue, and a ramp into the backyard. But we don't have anything started yet.

When we went to cut down the Christmas tree we had to have a plan.
Just a little bit of extra planning.
How can we help to get Nickolas around and participate in this fun family tradition, without carrying him.
And without the wheelchair - we didn't think it would be effective at the Christmas tree farm.


The wagon will work for now.
And next year.
The year after we might need to think about some other options.

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