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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Pirate Birthday Party!

Nickolas has been obsessed with being a pirate.
And I have been encouraging this obsession. So we had a pirate Halloween, followed by a pirate birthday party! Complete with the need to dress up (I do love my dress up parties - remember Katheryn's birthday tea party?)
There is a new Disney show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
One of the parts of the show has the Neverland Pirate Band singing songs - including this one Never Say Never to a Neverland Pirate!
There is nothing that you can't do! Definitely a motto I want to take to heart 

So Pirate Party here we come!

We had a big pirate ship balloon - that Nick just wanted to stare at!

Some more pirate decorations


For the swashbucklers who didn't come in costume - we were all ready!

And for the added authenticity - a whole pile of temporary tattoos!
We tried to put some on Nick, he completely freaked out and said he didn't want to be a pirate! (30 minutes before a complete pirate-themed party)

Katheryn liked the tattoos (even if she doesn't look very happy)
And if only I had a pirate ship lying around somewhere for kids to play with?
Oh yeah, I do!

My only rule for the pirate ship - they cannot destroy it before the party!
(and yes both kids are in there)

Then it was time for our costumes!

Even Sammie got into it!

Baby "peter pan" is wearing the pirate hat

We even  had a couple of pirate grandma's!

Somehow we were too busy for a pirate family picture - but this is what I got

Better than a bouncy castle!

We had some quiet time to open some pirate presents
Nick got something he's been wanting for a long time!
Now he is a real pirate rock star!
(and I anticipate posting some concerts)

The base for a birthday party of course came with the birthday cake!
I had the idea for it for a couple of months (and it turned out great - took me forever to find the right characters to put on it - never did find the right boat)

But Nick didn't care, he thought the cake was great!
Was a little unsure about blowing out the candle...

Then we had a very tired little boy.

Until the sugar rush started, and then he was good for round 2!

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  1. Ah, LOVE IT! I'm lol'ing at the sleeping Nick! King did the same thing the first time we put a pirate tattoo on him! I swear, those two boys are two peas in a pod!