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Friday, November 30, 2012

Using our hands

Katheryn is exploding! She is writing, she is reading
She loves school - and she makes lists of everything that she likes (Mommy was on that list - along with flowers).

We had our parent-teacher interview and some of the things that Katheryn has to work on; writing with the correct grip, and cutting.
That is our homework with Nickolas from OT as well.

When we had our reassessment of OT at the beginning of the month he was still within normal range, but hadn't made any progress since he was assessed in the spring. So we started a block.

Nickolas has been working at OT - and not really realizing that he is working.

He gets to do mazes!
With his 'birdy fingers'

And cut things outs
He's made improvement staying on the lines

And at the end of the day he has his very own craft he can take home to Katheryn!
(we've  made a robot, garbage truck, penguin and now the pig this month)

So we have a bunch of fun crafts and stuff to do at home with both kids together.

At the beginning of the month I discussed applying for Cambell's school. We started our application for it as well. It is a written and video application. I'm happy with this decision. If we get in I'll be glad, if we don't I'll be fine with that decision too.
But we have our options all lined up!

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