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Monday, February 24, 2014


The SB&H had a contest this year for the 2015 calendars. Calling all child artists!
I heard about it in January and thought how cool it would be for Nickolas to submit something.
I've been trying out different create projects for the last couple of weeks, but Nickolas has not be very interested in doing more than drawing a line or just scribbling.
So I pulled out our paints and paper, stripped the kids and let them go

Hands are fun, so we coloured everyone hands first.
Mixed up some colours, it is going well...

Then we were drawing something that was fun to do.
This was Nick's favorite thing to do when we were in Punta Cana. The sun, sky, clouds and the pool. This is the most Nick has ever drawn for me before.
I think it is a masterpiece!

Katheryn had a lot of fun drawing Easter eggs and rainbows.

We didn't finish anything in time to submit for the calendar. I didn't want to pressure Nick and he wasn't all that interested. So when we were done, I put everything flat to dry.
6 weeks of trying and 1 scenic picture by Nickolas was a success (and Katheryn loves any excuse to get out the paints).

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