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Friday, February 28, 2014

School News

Nicholas has a fantastic time in his Campbell school.
He has best friend, he has a girlfriend, he has a boyfriend. He talks about his friends all day, everyday. He wants to invite friends over, to the cottage, in the summer... Whatever we are doing he wants to have his friends along.
When he's home from school he talks about his bus drive. What his bus driver did, what they saw, what songs they sang.
We have beans so happy about his experience at school.

It is not just the social aspect of the school. Nick is learning so much!
He can read books (with a lot of encouragement), he writes name, he spells his name (all the time). He wants to use his walker (but not his wheelchair - which he mainly just uses on the bus) and move. He wants to be independent.  In the house there isn't a lot of room for his walker, so Nickolas has be improvising, pushing a chair around the house.

He sings songs, he plays and learns and talks about what he learns.
He needs to work on his letters, so we got him a tablet. When I talked with his OT they said we need to work on his pencil grip, so we bought a big crayon for his tablet. Works great!

Campbell's school has been a great experience for him (and us) I haven't been worried about what he is doing in school, what resources he has and what support he needs.

In January we reapplied for Senior Kindergarten at Campbell's, but we also had to register him for his home school. So I got all of the papers to fill out, and put them in my bag... for a couple of weeks. I always meant to fill them out, but I had already missed the original deadline, so I kept delaying. Hoping we would get accepted into Campbell's again, and wouldn't need to register him.

Luckily we found out he's going back to Campbell's! Now I have another year of breathing room. Another year of therapy in school and school routine and learning in a small environment before he is in the 'real world'

One year before worrying about large class sizes, how he will move around the classroom and through the halls. One year to figure out and get him out of diapers, and catheterizing and EA's. Wondering and worrying about how accessible the playground is, what we need to inform the teachers, how to optimize his learning. One more year to figure out therapies and appointments and what we need and when.

School is going great! Nick is having a great time and learning so much!

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