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Monday, February 17, 2014


It's time for the Winter Olympics again.
I have been very excited. But I missed being able to watch it 24-7 like four years ago. But work has been getting in the way.
Four years ago Nickolas was just 3 months old, and there was so much I worried about, that I didn't know I didn't need to worry about. And whenever I think about
I will always, always think about Alex Bilodeau and his brother. Putting things into perspective. Having a role model: his brother.

So here we are four years later and cheering on our Canadian Olympians again.
We had a medal count down on our wall. We talked about the sports we were going to watch and cheered them on!

Katheryn's favorite sport is the skeleton and curling. So we decided to practice...

Skeleton (she's smiling on the inside...)

Curling (she's pretending to hold the broom, and the ice is the curling stone.

I asked about hockey, and she says that hockey is just 'ok'.
But Nickolas really likes hockey. And he wants to go skating too.

Nickolas has been wanting to go skating. On skates. Like Katheryn (who hasn't actually skated on skates yet either). So we've been staying away from the skating ring for now.

Right now it's just enjoying the snow (which Nick likes for about 5 minutes anyways)

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