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Sunday, March 23, 2014

More books

I posted last month about some new books we were reading. I have some other ones to add to the list as well.
Nickolas is in a "I can't" stage, and it really bothers me that he is already thinking he can't do stuff. I can tell him he can, but I thought that reading some stories at night about characters who think they can't could be another way to give him confidence in his ability to do new things.

The Dot is a book I heard about from another lady who was looking at books in the bookstore. It is about a little girl who says that she can't draw. When she makes a dot, and signs it she finds that she really can.
My Silly Feet is about a little girl who wants to race, but she has 'silly feet' and is afraid people will laugh at her. Then she reads about Terry Fox and wants to be brave like him.

Giraffes Can't Dance was a book that was recommended a couple of years ago/about a giraffe who sees everyone else in the jungle dancing, but doesn't think he can because he will look funny.
 I was at a book store looking for a new chapter book for Katheryn (she is soo ready for a big book! She just breezes through all the ones she brings home from school).
And a hockey book caught my eye. With the Olympics and Paralympics over not that long ago Nickolas has been interested in hockey.
This book is all about hockey and hockey plays and tips and tricks for playing hockey. There are 6 books in the series about Puckster who is captain of his hockey team, made up of friends. But what caught my eye was that one of the players plays sledge hockey.
Puckster and The Hockey Sweater is the first in the book and it starts at the outdoor rink and clearing off snow and practicing and raising money to buy hockey sweaters. Everyone player is involved in the book. Manny the moose uses a sledge to play hockey and shovel snow, he uses a wheelchair or sits with everyone else when they aren't playing. There isn't anything special about Manny other than he is a defenceman.
We have 3 of the 6 Puckster books (#1,2,6) I hadn't realized they were numbered... and I have ordered the other 3. It is all Canadian
Nick loves these books.
I haven't talked about Manny the Moose any differently from any of the other characters, Nick likes him because he is a moose just like Tyrone (the Backyardigan).

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