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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer Camp and Options

We have such a fantastic time at Easter Seals camp last year that we were very excited to apply for the family camp again this year.
Even talking two other families in trying to get a group of people to go to the same camp. So we applied for Easter Seals camp very soon and just had to wait to see if we had been accepted or not.

 Because the Easter Seals camp is a family camp so it meant that Katheryn and Nickolas got to both be at camp together, both participate in camp activities together, with the same people and just be together. And they also had us there so that we could be support while they could also still have independence.

Unfortunately we found out that Nickolas did not get accepted into Easter Seals Camp for this year. It was disappointing for us. But we also had the opportunity to go one year and there were other families who haven't had that chance. It just lets another family have as much fun as we had.

So now we have to figure out what we're going to do for some kind of camp this year.
Katheryn went to zoo camp in 2012 for the first time, and Nick went to Conductive education camp through the March of Dimes during different times in the summer.
Conductive Education camp was an option that I've been looking into, but shift work and a daily trip into Toronto are also concerns. But Nickolas would be getting some intensive therapy we've been missing for a couple of years.

I went to a Special Needs Recreation Fair last month to see what was available in Durham. A lot of the camps were for kids older than Nick, or with non-physical special needs. So we didn't have a lot of choices. What I was really looking for was some kind of summer sports program (i.e. soccer) that Nick could do in the evening every week. But they didn't have anything like that.

But I did get some ideas of what was out there for day camps. And things that I needed to consider.

Do we send both children to the same camp where Nick may not have the support that he needs. Especially for the catheterization, but that they would be together and they would be doing the same thing and they would be with their peers.

Or do we send Nicholas to Grandview camp where it would not be an issue. He would have fun but he would not be able to be with Katheryn, because she doesn't receive service at Grandview anymore.

I looked at what was offered by the city of Oshawa for kids who were 4 and 6. But even if there is only 18 months between them there were not a lot of camps that would be appropriate for both of them to attend (most of them were age 6+).
There was only one choice that would be appropriate for a 4 and a 6 year old. So we would send them to two separate camps. And if they are already separated we might as well use Grandview camp for Nick's support.

So we signed Katheryn up for Dance Camp, for kids 6 and up and I'm sure that she will have a fantastic time. Nick will go to Grandview camp,  he will have fun and it is will be at the same location as his school. It will help for the two months of not having any school.

I'm a little bit disappointed that they won't actually be at camp together. But it is the same decision we made for school. We won't have to worry about if Nick is having fun or if he is the only one with a physical challenge, I won't have to worry about catheterization and mobility. But I still hate the thought of separating them, even if it is just for one more year.

So this is our plan for camp I have signed them up they're ready to go and for one week in the summer time they will have a lot of fun and for the rest of the time... Still have a lot of fun

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