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Monday, March 31, 2014

More Summer Camp!

We have been wanting to continue with conductive education for a long time. But differing commitments always prevented us.
But I have kept in contact with the conductors (the instructors and therapists).

When the summer camp schedule came out I was really hoping that we could fit it in. At first glance it looked like we wouldn't be able to make it. And we signed the kids up for regular camp.

But after talking with them about going for part of the camp, and talking with my parents to see about transportation, we were in!

I am so happy that this year we are going to be sending Nick for part of the camp. 10 days of all day camp of conductive education.
Pushing him and being creative, learning how to be independent and being aware of what he can do.

I'm so excited about those days.
Yes it's camp and fun, but it's also therapy.

Nick has also had the opportunity to star in a March of Dimes ad!

I have also found that Nick is a conductive education mascot through another helpful site too! http://www.threetobe.org/our-initiatives/academy-of-conductive-education/

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