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Saturday, March 8, 2014


The Paralympics started yesterday.
It is getting extensive media coverage on CBC, and I have my PVR all set up!

I have been thinking about how to approach the Paralympics. Do I say, "ooh lets watch all these athletes with disabilities and see how great they are". Or do I say "wow, lets watch the olympics"

I really don't want it to be about the differences. I want it to be about what we are watching.

We talked about the Olympics and favorite sports, all kinds of things that Katheryn could do.
Because no matter how much Nickolas cries and wants to put on ice skates, it is not an appropriate sport. And it breaks my heart to tell Nick that he can't do something. I hate the word can't.

So we look at how he can do what he wants to do.

And the Paralympics show us all of the things that Nickolas has open to him. Every single athlete has a story to share in which they were told they could do anything they wanted, they could show that their different ability did not hold them back.

So we are going to be cheering for our sledge-hockey team. Watch it as a hockey game. Not as an adapted sport, not as a sport to do instead of regular-hockey. Just hockey, with a puck, a net and some ice.


And in my head I want Nick to start sledge hockey when he's old enough. But as a sport that is available for him. Not a different sport, not a special sport, just a sport that is available to do.

Go Canada Go!

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