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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Backyardigans Live!

Nickolas still loves the Backyardigans.
So when I found that there was a live show coming to the Toronto area I was immediately online to buy tickets.
While Nick was not very impressed with the paper tickets he received as a Christmas party, he was very excited when the day finally came.
Our tickets were pretty close to the stage.
Nickolas was all ready for the Backyardigans. Wearing his Tyrone shirt, with his Tyrone toy (we left the ears at home) but he also came in with his Tyrone hat.
He got a lot of complements about that hat!
Katheryn is not as impressed with Backyardigans as her brother, but she was still excited to be at a show.
When the show started Nick was just transfixed! We were allowed to take pictures as long as there was no flash. There was singing and dancing and a story line.
All of the songs were from a variety of shows, but fit what was happening in the story. And it wasn't always the right Backyardigan singing the song. (Nick was very indignant when Austin started singing a song that Uniqua was supposed to be singing)
The show lasted about 90 minutes (including a 20 minute intermission).
During the second act, the Backyardigans were in jail and Nick kept holding onto my head and saying "it's time to go now" until the end of the show.
But when we asked him what his favorite part was? He said it was when they were in jail!
All 4 of us had fun!
And of course Nick came home with some souvenirs.
There was some very frustrating aspects (to me, Nick didn't notice) of this trip related to accessibility. But I think I will wait for another post to talk about that.

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