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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy 6 years!

6 years ago, this little munchkin was born

And somehow this little tiny baby became a big girl! 6 whole years! It's like a lifetime and a moment at the same time.
For Katheryn's birthday this year we decided to take our family gift cards to Great Wolf Lodge and have a big birthday weekend!
When we arrived, Katheryn had her own present waiting for her!
She has been sleeping with this wolf ever since

No... I don't think she is happy and excited at all...

Katheryn was very particular that she didn't want to open any presents until her actual birthday.
And also that because it was her birthday we had to do everything she wanted to do

Like being the pool all day

Telling everyone she is 6 years old

Playing with her brother in the big pool
And go on all of the kiddy slides

Part of the birthday package had a cake. I brought candles and a lighter, so we went back to our room and blew out candles (singing in the restaurant didn't go so well)

There was also the dancing to the Birthday card... but I posted that earlier

She had an amazing day! And we were all exhausted at the end of it.
More Great Wolf Lodge pictures to follow!

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