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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Howling Weekend!

We spent 3 days and 2 nights at Great Wolf Lodge. After our trip in 2012 I wanted to come back. And we still didn't get to do everything they have to offer!

The bunk beds were not as fun as a couple of years ago during the night hours, but during the day they loved it!

We spent some time every day at the arcade, and the kids all had their favorite games to play
Nick won all of these tickets (200) playing a single turn/coin of a game!
He was so proud of himself!

Katheryn liked chopping up all of the fruit!

There was a lot of tough decisions before we left on how the kids wanted to spend their 1200 tickets

And of course we needed more time in the pool!


These floaties were great! Katheryn tried to swim a bit without them, but it was too busy.

The first day we spent in the kiddy pool, the kids didn't want to do anything else.
But the shallow water let Nick crawl around... and tear up his feet (not that bad, but some)

And we were close to the slides so they could try them out
Katheryn was very brave this year and went on all of the kid slides. The yellow and the green were her favorite because they were twisty.

Nick went on the orange one (his favorite colour). He went on it only once, and said he didn't want to go on again "because my legs might go up again"

When we went investigating we found a bigger pool that he liked a lot more.

Even if it gave him the opportunity to go underwater.

I wanted to spend time in the 'lazy river' which wasn't so much lazy as filled with people and tubes in a fast moving circle with times when water dumped on you
Nick didn't really like it

I liked just floating (as long as I wasn't run over by anyone) and Katheryn loved just running around in the water

But that was the extent of the exploration. No wave pool or anything that potentially dumped or sprayed water. There was also an obstacle course kind of pool that no one wanted to do.

But even if we didn't do lots of what they had. The kids had all of the fun that they wanted


I tried to get them to explore the big blue slide. But not this time. Looked like fun!

We had a FANTASTIC family weekend!

Fun and exhausting!

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