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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Broken Wing

Katheryn fell off our bed Saturday night/Sunday morning. It stands 3 feet high, and usually the kids will fall asleep in our bed, especially when I'm working nights.
Katheryn had wanted to sleep at the foot of the bed, which isn't unusual, and she's never fallen off.
But she did.
When I got home in the morning she was fine, she said it hurt and had ice on it, but it wasn't swollen, she could move it and it only hurt a little when I touched it. She was all calmed down from the night (she was very upset when it actually happened).
So mommy-nurse kicked in...
She can move it, still playing and having fun (keeping her arm still), not swollen. We will just keep an eye on it, it wouldn't be broken...
This picture was taken with Katheryn showing off the dress that Jennifer (her daycare provider) got for her.
Does she look like she has anything broken?

So I was trying to decide if we should go to the Emergency Department...
I know that Emergency Departments see a lot of people who are not necessarily emergencies. But we were in Bowmanville, and it usually isn't that busy, she wasn't improving and it had been over 36 hours...
So we went

2 hours in the waiting room. With Katheryn playing and singing "Let it Go" I could feel people looking at me like I'm crazy for bringing her. If it was a 4-6 hour wait, I might have agreed with them
And even once we got a chair in the back, still another hour of waiting.

 She was getting tired, but obviously not in pain.
Then we got some action...
Saw a resident, saw a doctor, went for an x-ray, walked back to the unit and got the result (and I saw it on the x-ray) that yes, her collarbone was broken... all in 20 minutes.

The nurses were very attentive when it was identified that yes it was broken, and traded in the cotton triangle sling they were sending us home in, for a colourful and more effective one.
(Not that we got lousy care before just, it was just stepped up a notch)

I was very proud of this girl! First broken bone, x-rays, emergency room and no tears!

And thanks to Lakeridge Health in Bowmanville for their free wifi, quick visit (3 1/2 hours is quick) and digital x-rays that meant the doctor had the results before we even left the room!

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