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Sunday, April 13, 2014


To finish off Katheryn's birthday we let her pick a place to go for a family party. And she wanted to go to the new Aquarium that opened up last year.
It was BUSY!
It was interesting and beautiful, when you could get close enough to the tanks...
There was one way in, one way out and a very, very long line up, so you and every single other person who wanted to visit the aquarium that day were all squished into the same space.

We had Nick in his wheelchair, so he spend a lot of time staring at other people's butts, until we could get to the tank and told him to ooh and aah over what he was seeing.
He didn't enjoy himself...
But ooh, ahh, octopus!

Katheryn had more movement and really enjoyed herself
She also went on Kyle's shoulders so she could see everything over people's heads

The first section was dark, and Nick actually fell asleep.

We got to the tropical fish section and this was very well organized and not the squished-busy section that was everywhere else. There was a moving sidewalk on one side so everything was close up to the tank, but also moving. The other side was just a hallway that you could step off if you wanted.

You got to be up and close and see everything

It was very freaky having a shark with big teeth swimming right directly over your head.

Nick woke up at this point and really liked it

The sharks really caught his eye

In the centre of the aquarium was the kids zone.
You can get up close and personal with more fish

[K with fish]

They also had a tank with sting rays you could touch (hard ones)
Nick was very interested in splashing in the water and didn't really want to touch them. As he was splashing one of them came right up to him. That was it, he was done.

We got separated from everyone (probably from spending 30 minutes in the bathroom - which was very accessible)
And so it was Nick and me exploring all of the cooler fish!

This one was my favorite

Can you see the sea horse?

And there was a floor to ceiling tank full of jellyfish.

The tank would change colours and the jelly fish would change colours.

 (these are giant jellyfish)

At the exit there was the top of the giant lake (with the sharks you can see).

Katheryn got to pick anything she wanted from the gift shop. A rainbow Hello Kitty was the obvious choice!

Katheryn wanted to carry her bags, and she is perfecting her little-lady pose!

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