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Saturday, April 26, 2014


We went to a fundraiser this weekend. Raising money for a special little girl we have known for a number of years. Alejandra and her mother Antonella have joined us the last couple of years for our spipna bifida walk, we have done Conductive Education together as well as meeting in the Spina Bifida clinic baby group. And they will be at school together next year.

This is Antonella's second annual Aid4Alej event to raise money for stem cell treatments.
There were alot of fun things to do.
Katheryn was very excited about the face painting... and so was I

Nick was adamant that he did not want his face painted. Until the end of the night

It looked fantastic! 

There was music, but the kids were all over dancing to their own beat
After a bit of hesitation, Alejandra, Nickolas and Katheryn were all over the place together

There was also a photo-booth with costumes that Katheryn was excited about.

And live music by Danny Lamb a SB&H ambassador.

Katheryn got raffle tickets and picked out everything that she wanted.

And she guessed how many popcorn was in the bag!
And won!
Over 3333 kernels

We stayed until almost midnight, when the kids were turning into pumpkins

We went between the walker and wheelchair when Nick started getting tired.
As usual they were party animals and we had a lot of fun!

We even got to catch up on another SB family we haven't seen since baby group!

Can't wait for next year's Spring Fling!

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