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Monday, September 8, 2014

School Time!

Katheryn is all ready for real school now! Grade one!
She started last week (and still enjoys going), which is always a good sign.

She gets to sit at a real desk (surrounded by boys), and her favorite parts of the day are recess, gym class,  and the library. She has all of her friends in the class with her and she likes her teacher.

I've been trying to ask how school is going without asking the same questions every day.
What was your favorite thing you did today?
Did you have fun?
What was your favorite thing you learned today?
Who did you play with?

Nick's first day of school was today.
His second (and final) year at Campbell's Children's School for senior Kindergarten

Nick had a great day at school. Some of his friends were still there (including a little girl he talked about all year) and some new friends, including Alejandra that we've known for a couple of years (and who also has spina bifida).

Nick wanted to have a Ninja Turtle picture. So this is Nick with his nun-chucks

Nick is just jumping right back into school-mode. He is in the same class, same teachers, EA's he knows, same bus.

Back to school has been great so far!

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