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Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Pamphlet

I updated Nick's school passport/pamphlet for the year. I just updated the one we did last year. It was a challenge to talk about the MACE without freaking anyone out. And add the bathroom issues without being TMI.

I plan to update it every year with new pictures and information. Of course on the front is all fun things about Nick. Then when you open it up it has the medical stuff (what is spina bifida, scars and hydrocephalus and shunt malfunction. Also latex allergy and common latex items in school, finally the bathroom issues.) On the inside is mobility with pictures, AFOs, canes, walker and wheelchair. on the back is more about Nick. What he enjoys how he has fun. Followed by how he may need help. At the back is about our family and contact information.

(And I just realized no blog address)

Please feel free to use this if you want to copy it for your own child.

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