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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Annual Zoo Trip

We had our annual girls zoo trip.
4 of us from high school. 
(This was taken a couple of years out of high-school)

Over the last couple of years our four-some has grown, but we still all get together at the zoo!

The kids have such a great time together.
Nickolas wanted Emily to push him everywhere!

And Katheryn and Hannah were two trouble-makers running all over the place. Trouble 1 and Trouble 2!

The Toronto Zoo has lots of animals to see. As usual, spending a whole day there didn't let us see all of the animals, but enough to keep everyone happy

We got to see some animals up close

Nick liked the hippos at feeding time (they eat hay)

There was some things to climb on too!

Katheryn's favorite was the polar bears. The baby polar bear that we got to see shake like Sammie, or the one swimming up close to the glass

Nick found some turtles... that he named Michaelangelo.

And he got to freak out Auntie Laura by "touching" a huge spider

The price for the zoo was discounted for us as well. With the Access2Care card, I got in for free and Nick got in for half price! We only had to pay full price for Katheryn!

The only I wish is that we could do it more often!

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