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Friday, October 3, 2014

Out Riding his Bike!

Katheryn has started Sparks, part of Girl Guides last month. She meets for an hour at the school gym.
The first night Nick and I dropped her off, went home, he fell asleep and 30 minutes later I had to wake him up and go and pick Katheryn back up.
Since it is in a nice and flat school parking lot (not like our street which is a hill) I thought it might be a great opportunity to pull out Nick's bike!
I posted a little sneak peak on facebook of Nick riding away from me (all by himself).
There were a couple of speed bumps in the parking lot. Nick would stop in front of them and ask for help. But I thought he could get over them himself. So he was going really fast, went over... and his bike fell over.
Now Nick is all strapped into his bike. A strap around his waist, his feet are strapped in.
Luckily he just got a bump on his elbow, (it is a 5cm bruise now), he cried a bit but wanted to go back out on his bike

He had a great time going where ever he wanted. Over here! Over there! In circles! He even went up on the ramp by the school doors.

He has so much fun we are looking for more opportunities to get him on the road (or parking lot)!

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