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Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

The big day had arrived!
It started early, because the kids are able to wear their costumes to school (at least for another couple of years).

Katheryn is a beautiful (and original) Elsa at the Coronation, complete with hair and tiara, gloves and cape.

Nick of course is Michaelangelo. Complete with interactive Ninja turtle gloves

And while the kids were in school, I got to makeup my Olaf costume

I brought Nick's walker costume to school, so he could use it in the Halloween parade at school. He was posted on the Grandview facebook page with his costume so that everyone associated with Grandview or Campbell's got to see him!

When the kids got home from school it was time to get all ready for the night.
Our pumpkins were set out, along with a bowl  of candy (and note) and we had a Ridding-cousin date for Trick-or-Treating.

Of course it was wet and rainy, but my snowman didn't melt

Of the 6 Ridding kids, including snow queen and coronation Elsa, a ninja turtle, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear and a pirate

 We didn't actually see many Elsa's on the way. When we were planning our costumes and Katheryn wanted to be Elsa I was hesitant. But when she said she wanted to be coronation Elsa (not Anna as everything thought she was without the hat) that was something we wouldn't see

I think because a lot of the Elsa snow costumes weren't available every parent had to get creative, and it was very interesting to see how all of the Elsa costumes were all made up

I am going to say that Nick was a little bit of a big deal. Sure he was always at the back of the pack, and had to work to get up the driveways sometimes, and got tired after 20 or so houses (at the same time Katheryn really needed to use the bathroom).
But we were stopped by 2 families with "Hey I know him!" Considering we weren't even walking in our own neighborhood, it was kind of funny.
Once was with Stefanie and her family (another spina bifida family) and another time was at a house of someone who saw him on the Grandview facebook page.

After the kids got tired we all headed back and got some family photos.
Olaf and Elsa

Michaelangelo and Raphael

And the whole family (with everyone eyes open and smiling)

Katheryn mentioned how much she LOVES Halloween! And already talking about what she wants to be next year! I think after working on costumes in all of my free time for a month, I'm ready for a bit of a break, until next October!

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