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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Time

This year we somehow ended up with 8 pumpkins
8! To be carved in one night

I had a couple of unusual pumpkins, including a white one and a green one. I thought the white one would be perfect as a ninja turtle. Cut out the eyes and mouth, scrape off the mask, it will be the perfect Michaelangelo!
Until I started to actually cut it out and realized that the inside was green!

The kids really wanted to get involved this year.
Both kids said that they wanted to get all of the guts outside, except they didn't actually want to touch the seeds.

So Kyle and I took over that job.

We had all of the child-safe pumpkin knives and the kids had all of these ideas for faces so we let them go.

The night had lots of fun and laughs (x8)

Katheryn had her masterpiece

And Nick had his pumpkin too! (He really wanted the little one)

And I had my favorite too

We are all ready for Halloween!

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