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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shake it off

October is spina bifida awareness month in the US.
The parents and adults in my various SB groups are really knocking awareness up a notch this year!

A group put together this video, they asked for video's from the group to make up this video.
It is so fantastic!

In 5 days of posting, there have been over 17, 000 views!

Other part of their awareness campaigns are #embracethebif showing what spina bifida looks like, and a public group to show photos.
The SBA (American association) missed the mark (like the CEO... who does not have SB... advertising that she has a bum knee and can't run like she used to, as their campaign). All of this is driven by parents/adults with spina bifida.

Take a minute to watch the video and see what spina bifida really looks like!

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