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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 Katheryn has been enjoying Sparks, the first step of Girl Guides.
She has had a lot of fun, selling cookies and playing games. Doing crafts and running around the gym with her friends once a week.

I thought that it would be fun for Nick to do the boy-version of Girl Guides as well. Which is scouts. I contacted them in the summer but didn't hear back from them regarding accessibility and the Beaver program.
OK, I thought, that is my answer.
But they contacted me the middle of September, and after a bit of back and forth we went to try out a night.

Nick had a blast!
There were games and crafts. They had some racing games the scout leader weren't sure he could play. I said that yes he could play and race, he will just be slow.
Nick felt very included. They do some hiking, so we'll see how he does in his wheelchair, but the leaders seem to be very inclusive with what they will do.
And none of the other kids seemed to treat Nick different at all.

So we officially have a Beaver Scout!
Nick is very excited

And if you want some girl guide cookies (mint-chocolate) we have some of that too!

(and popcorn coming soon)

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