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Sunday, October 26, 2014

All ready for a shell-raising good Halloween!

When it was time to come up with our Halloween costume this year, Nick was very specific about what he wanted to be this year.
Ninja Turtles!

And also that he wanted to go trick-or-treating in his walker.
So then came the planning.

And of course it had to be some kind of waterproof alternative that I could paint and stick together.

We had all of these floor mats available, The bottom side provided a smoother surface that I can paint. The mats fit together, can be taped and glued, cut and painted. And waterproof!

The shellraiser (the new-age turtle van) is actually a subway car. So we needed some subway doors and windows.

 The windows are actually boarded up. So I got some wood-looking foam that I glued in place over the windows.  And the green roof is taped in place.

The design is the show combined with the toys to get an idea of what I should
The back of the shellraiser has blue rockets and some kind of red  bumper at the back. The Shellraiser sign is on the back too. And the back of the walker helps to keep it in place.

After putting it together I wanted to make sure I got the grafitti right. I practiced on some spare pieces to use my spray paint right, because I only had the one chance.
Purple, red, orange and blue graffitti, and of course 'Turtle Power' on one side, and 'TMNT' on the other side. I outlined the words to make it stand out more. We added a marshmallow shooter gun, and a roller-bumper in the front.

Nick-angelo loves it!

If you know Ninja Turtles and Michaelangelo in specific you may know that he is the party dude that also yells out "Cowabunga", in the 80's show, and "Booyagasha" in the current show. Nick likes both of them, so I added something in the front of the shellraiser to make it look more like a van/subway care.

And Cowabunga! Nick is all ready for Halloween!

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  1. You are an amazing mother! What a lucky boy! I know that the boys (and girls) in my kindergarten class would think this is the coolest thing ever! Enjoy your Halloween!