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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Children's Police Games

In our second of year of what I expect to be an annual tradition of participating in the Durham Regional Police (DRP) Children's Games. The website is pretty awful. Just writing, you can't actually get how exciting and fun these games are!

We went last year for the first time. It is a free event hosted by the Durham Regional Police for children with physical disabilities to participate and compete in a variety of athletic events.

The kids get divided up into teams, the Grandview/Campbell's kids from the school were together in one team. Nick was part of the Auxiliary team this year. Actually Auxiliary police are part of our team as well. Last year Nick got tired and overwhelmed. This year he was excited.

The day starts with a parade of the kids coming in. Nick was all ready to lead the pack this year!

There was a moment of silence for solider, Cpl Nathan Cirillo killed at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider at the War Memorial in Ottawa in the attack on the Canadian Parliament this week. And honouring everyone whose job it is to protect us every day. It was very emotional having the moment of silence and bagpipes playing.

There were other speeches in the opening ceremony and then it was time for the games to begin!

Katheryn came for a little while, but then she got bored and left with Kyle to be with grandma and have fun.

Nick played the games, they had some practice shots, and then actual shots that counted as points for the competition part of it.

There was bowling

And basketball

There was golf

 And wheelchair rugby!
(That was my favorite)

There was a relay. To dress (and undress) the police man

And hockey

There was parachute game (Nick's favorite part was playing under the parachute)

But the actual game was the put the balls into the specific holes

There was a big ball that needed to be pushed from one end of the gym to another.
Nick ran in his walker, pushing the ball with is head

There was also curling

And some bocci ball

Nick got the spend the day with his friend Alej!

Between some of the games we had time for a team photo.
This is the kids on the team, the volunteer helpers (one of them Nick's EA from school and her son, another a retired teacher from Campbells), and the Police who were part of our team.

They also had Nova's Ark was there with a bunch of their critters, including this tarantula spider (but they also had some fluffy things)

 And there was Elsa.
Nick saw her while we were playing one of the games and all he wanted to do was have a picture taken with Elsa!

As expected Nick got tired during the games. Part of the day is spent in the tennis courts, and part is spent in one of the large party rooms. So this year we brought Nick's walker and wheelchair in with us so that when this happened...

We had a backup plan

"No Mommy, I'm not tired"

There was a big lunch with a live band and we got to have some pictures taken together

We even stole up on the stage!

After lunch they had a game of wheelchair rugby between the police and the highest team. The kids team won (of course) something like 20-1. It was a lot of fun to watch (even though Nick doesn't look like he is having fun)

At the end of the day every kid got to go  up and get a medal. And one participant from each team got a Spirit Award. And Nick won!

It was another great day! Can't wait until next year!

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