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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last of Summer Vacation

We spent our last week of summer vacation up North.
We spent 4 days at my parents cottage on Kushog Lake, then went to Kyle's mom's cottage on Orr lake for the last 3 days.

It was fun and relaxing and hopefully not too boring for the kids.

Nick loved the lake and the swimming. It is a deep lake (and cool)
All he wanted to do was swim, swim, swim.

Most of the days we swam together, but right away he wanted to swim from dock to dock with me.
He said to me "Mommy, I can't walk by myself, but I can swim by myself"
So that is what he did. Swim, swim, swim. When he would get tired he would swim holding onto my hips (we tried holding onto my shoulders but he is more likely to push my underwater)

Katheryn was excited to be swimming too.
Because the lake it deep she had to have her floaties on at all times.
(And even if it seems that Nick is off swimming by himself, I was close all all times)

We also did some rock-collecting.
When I was little we used to walk along the road a collect Monarch caterpillars. But with the climate change we don't see very many Monarch caterpillars anymore. They are starting to come back and I had hoped we would find some, but we didn't. 
But we were able to find some nice round rocks

I painted the rocks for Nick. Ninja turtles of course!
Nick didn't really understand (or want to understand) that he couldn't play with them. Everything is ninja turtles for him.

We also played some soccer.
Nick really liked that he could play with Katheryn. He can kick the ball and it will actually move!
Katheryn played goaltender for a while.

The dock is one of those no-no places. Yes Nick's walker could go down it. Would it make it down it without going off the side.
So there is no going  out on the dock without an adult (and/or floaties)

But we can take a minute for a nice photo

Katheryn and Nick were all ready to go out onto the dock now

The water was cool some of the days (70F). We went swimming a couple of the days, but this was as close as we got.

We also took Nick's new canes out and made him walk with them. He wasn't happy, but this was how he could move around.

Katheryn loved the swing set and trying new tricks.
She is even jumping off the swing (while swinging) as well

After a couple of days we moved cottages and got to meet up with Daddy as well.

We spent even more time in the water and with family.
Hayden, the kids 3rd cousin was at the new-cottage and they played together all the time when we were there.

After a relaxing (or exhausting) week away it was time to go back home and get ready for school!

Our summer was super busy, it seems like we were always on the move and doing stuff. No one got bored and once we got the all-clear that Nick was healed we were off doing more stuff!

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