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Sunday, August 3, 2014


If you are interested in how Nick is doing then check out yesterday's post. He is doing great.
But if you are looking for more information and pictures about the recovery, and the MACE, then continue reading this post.

One thing that I would recommend from anyone, is to ask for a lot of the Remove adhesive removal pads. I got 4 of them and went through them all in the first couple of days. Every time I would take sticky stuff off, more would come and my hand kept sticking to everything.

This is what Nick's belly looked like the first day home.

We had some fluid draining from around his belly button, so we've had a little dressing taped below his belly, just to keep his clothes dry. It hasn't been blood, just pinkish and mostly clear. (His shirt is wet from dropping juice)

 Nick's skin has been holding up well, but when I am changing the gauze pad, the tape comes with it. So I've added some skin protector, then a larger dressing that I can tape the gauze to.
This picture I took yesterday (Day 5 post-op). It is hard to see how the stoma (hole) is healing, because the glue that stopped the bleeding is staying in place like a scab.
He does have a bruise below the belly button too.

Today everything came off (by itself, kind of like a umbilical cord that dried and fell off) and I got to see what it actually looks like. (Day 6)

We have more of that pesky tape we need to take off. And the one band-aid covering one of the laproscopy hold came off too.

It looks sore, but Nick is comfortable. Doesn't seem to care. And his belly looks so flat now!
The face Nick is making has more to do with me taking pictures of his belly ... again... than any discomfort he has.

This is how Nick is recovering. For those who are reading because they are considering this. I know that I wanted to find as much information as I could about what to expect. What it would look like, how Nick would recover and how noticeable the stoma (hole) would be. (The Doctors and Nurse Practitioner all tell me it won't be noticeable once it is healed).
To me, today, it looks glaringly obvious that there is a hold in his belly button. But it is only day 6. I will continue to help show how the recovery is going.

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