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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recovery - resting

Over a week since Nick's surgery and Nick is getting back to normal.
He's being silly and making people laugh.

And has been stretching his limits as well. Just like before his surgery, standing with one cane and standing on his own. Look what I can do!

He still needs to take more breaks and rest.

But he is getting more active, has started crawling to get to where he wants to go. But I find he likes being on his feet and use his canes or walker in the house.
I had told him not to crawl to make sure it wouldn't pull on his belly. But he is feeling better enough to stop listening to me (which I am taking as a good sign).

Nick's appetite remains a battle. This is what he wants to do during dinner time with his utensils. We get about 1 good meal into him a day. But he's drinking lots!

He has also been refusing his oatmeal, which has been a staple for years, and what I put his restoralax in. I've heard of this (and Nick did it before). Not liking  foods after surgery that he liked before (Nick stopped liking broccoli after his shunt surgery).

Looking at life returning to normal soon. I go back to work on the weekend, Katheryn returns from her own adventure and we are settling into our own routine.

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