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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pool Party Reunion

We had a Spina Bifida Family Reunion!
Our group of families who originally met when our kids were itzy-bitzy and we were all just learning about spina bifida. We started going when Nick was 4 months old and went until they cancelled it 2 years later.
After the program was cancelled I created a FB group to try to keep us in contact at least (and the group has grown to include anyone in Ontario called Our Lives, with Spina Bifida in Ontario)

Of course it isn't all about our kids who were born with spina bifida, it's the siblings too.

And the adults.
Katheryn wanted to get a picture of everyone taking a picture of them!

Afterwards everyone was in the pool!
I can't rave about these puddle jumper floaties enough. Nick just loved swimming around everywhere.

Katheryn wore her floaties as well (she doesn't really need them) her swimming is great, she just needs to increase her confidence with the swimming.
She did show off her cannon balls!

They had a fantastic time in the pool, and playing on the 'boat'

Here are all the kids together, and the siblings were around in the pool

Nick's MACE was fine in the water. I didn't cover it, and he showed it off to everyone. 

They weren't that happy when it was out of the pool

We all had a great time catching up and seeing how everyone kids are growing up.
The adults had time to catch up and talk about everyone's new adventure (mainly starting school) and everyone wanted to hear about Nick's MACE and how it was going.

It was great gettting together with everyone, we definitely need to do it again! It's great for the kids to be around other kids just like them... our kids with spina bifida and the siblings. When I talked to the kids about the party I stressed that it was for both of them!

Thanks to Chris and Meredith for hosting! And making all of that fantastic food!

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