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Friday, August 15, 2014


Nick continues to heal.
I got the all clear from clinic today that things are healed, no infection, everything is working and we got cleared to go swimming!

Before the surgery I really wanted to know what everything was going to be looking like. So I have been taking pictures of Nick's belly button to show how everything has been healing. If you aren't interested in seeing a whole bunch of belly button pictures, feel free to skip this post.

Day 7
It's starting to heal. I think the catheter was irritating it.
As it has been healing it has been having some discharge, pinkish. So I have used some gauze and taped it just below. So it can still get some air to help it heal, while protecting it (and his clothes)

Day 11
Some bruising is showing below the belly button.
The laproscopy incisions are healing well, he doesn't need any bandaids or anything on it.
Still have the tape/gauze on during the day, but it's healing well.
Still having some drainage, but less pinkish and more clear/yellow. Doesn't smell bad or anything

Day 14
I'm not sure what the redness is, I put some polysporin on. There is still some drainage and I'm not sure if it is just irritation. We have clinic tomorrow so we'll see what they say (and they said it was ok, it was less red by then as well).
Tomorrow the tube comes out!

Day 16
The tube it out, no more tape and dressings on his belly!
The redness and the drainage decreased once the foley came out.

Wow where did that flat belly and ribs come from!

This is a picture I took before the surgery to use as comparison. Nick has always had a bit of a swollen belly. I think that this shows how effective the MACE is, by actually clearing him out from the top down.

Day 19
I can't believe almost 3 weeks and it is pretty much healed.
And I think that I finally got all of the tape off! All of the tape and the bandaids have left his belly very irritated. So I am keeping everything off of him for now.

Can you tell he has a hole in his belly button?

When I go to put the catheter in, my finger goes right above the belly button, push gently and you can see the hold at the bottom of his belly button, but it is completely hidden during the day.
And Nick (for now) doesn't mind me showing off his belly to everyone

Everyone heals a little bit different, but this is how Nick has been healing. 

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  1. Hello, I just came across your blog and I'm so glad! When I saw these pictures I remembered my experience with this. I have this too in my belly button! It's such a great thing, because I get to be more independent. Of course there are some problems with it occasionally but it really is great.